Mother of Divine Knowledge

O most holy Virgin Mary,
who didst bear Jesus our Saviour
and didst shed the everlasting
Light upon the world,

O Mother of Divine knowledge,
whose merciful intercession hath procured
the grace of increasing in knowledge
and piety for countless minds
that were rude and ignorant,

I choose thee as the guide
and patroness of my studies.

By thine intercession,
O Mother of fruitful studies,
may the Holy Spirit fill my spirit
with light and fortitude,
prudence and humility.

May He give me a good will,
intelligence, memory and
ability in sufficient measure,
and above all, a spirit of docility
both in mind and heart,
that I may proceed in all things
according to the counsels of Divine Wisdom.

Defend me, good Mother,
against the spirit of pride and presumption,
of vain curiosity and instability.

Keep me from every occasion of stumbling,
from all erroneous opinion,
and from all things that might corrupt my faith
and disturb the clearness of my understanding,
the purity of my heart,
and the peace of my soul.

Grant, O Mary,
that, under thy protection,
I may ever be submissive
to the directions and teachings
of Holy Church, my mother,
and may advance in the way of truth and virtue
surely, courageously and without wavering.

At length may I attain to the knowledge,
the love and the everlasting possession
of Jesus Christ, thy Son, our Lord.