Evening Prayer

O my God,
at the end of this day
I thank you most heartily
for all the graces
I have received from you.
I am sorry that I have not
made a better use of them.

I am sorry for all the sins
I have committed against you.
Forgive me, O my God,
and graciously protect me this night.

Blessed Virgin Mary,
my dear heavenly mother,
take me under your protection.

St. Joseph,
my dear guardian angel,
and all you Saints of God,
pray for me.

Sweet Jesus,
have pity on all poor sinners,
and save them from hell.

Have mercy on the
suffering souls in purgatory.


Generally, this evening prayer is followed by
an act of contrition, which is usually said
in conjunction with an examination of conscience.
A daily examination of conscience consists of
a brief recounting of our actions during the day.
What sins did we commit? Where did we fail?
In what areas of our lives can we strive to make progress?